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Explore and shape the diverse ecosystems of the coast and islands of the Galtan Sea in the largest continent on the planet EM-saio. Discover and take part in the cultures of multiple species inhabiting this alien world. Unfold the story of civilization.

Tellurica is a third person single player RPG which focuses on survival, ecosystem development, and player driven narrative,  in early development using the Unity 3D game engine.


The game takes place in five zones throughout the continent of Endeera on the planet EM-saio. Players begin on the southern coast of the Galtan Sea and explore the diverse elevation of this zone as well as islands including the Undrik Archipelago zone. The Galtan Sea is located close to the middle of Endeera which is surrounded by the Hesmolr Ocean. Throughout the game, players can unlock airship travel over the Selgurin Mountains to the Buvvar Desert, dominantly inhabited by the Mog'v species. Here the player can explore a desert biome as well as enter the Mog'v capital city, Gurt. This is a pivotal location in the narrative of the game. 


The zones of the Galtan Sea can be traveled between using player-built (and premade) boats. Players explore the game world to discover and influence the various ecosystems throughout it while learning about the cultures of the inhabitants of that game world and taking part in an unfolding story of two culture-types vying for dominance. Throughout the game, NPC interactions and time-of-day specific events provide the player with access to activities and puzzles that influence the options they have available for interaction with NPCs and the environment.  The game combines qualities of Science Fiction and Fantasy together to create a world featuring primitive and advanced technologies as well as bioelectromagnetism and energetic abilities.

This project is looking for another C# developer with Unity experience and another artist.

If you're interested please feel free to email regeniversity@gmail.com

Work in progress map of Endeera and Fannalus. The areas highlighted in green are the 5 playable zones of Tellurica. The areas highlighted in orange are potential expansion zones (Northern Galtan Coast, western Endeeran swamps, and the Pell city of Fannalus).

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