Generative Design for the Future

Regeniversity Hub

Regeniversity is intended to become a dynamic development group spanning multiple interrelated topics and pursuits. With time, it is hoped that Regeniversity could grow into a large and impactful network focused on bringing people together to collaborate on projects oriented towards the expansion of variation and vitality in living systems of the Earth, support of creative arts, and the actualization of locally productive and health enhancing human habitats.

Right now you can find Regenerative Landscape Design, visual art, and music on this site. Various other resources will be added over time including articles relating to the functioning of biological systems and the way that creativity impacts them, tools for the creation of art and music, and links to free online informational resources.

The name Regeniversity comes from a combination of the word regenerative and a form of the latin word versus (as seen in university and diversity). Regeniversity implies involvement in a process of regeneration.


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